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Konica Minolta M.color 2530DL probs

  Furkin 13:38 28 Jun 2018

I've had this garbage for a while now, but I am still using the ink that came with it, so not used a great deal.

This time, my machine doesn't start printing till about 2 inches down the A4 page, then the last 2 inches go on the next page. Obviously checked, and double checked my margin set-ups, but they are all o.k.

I've dropped K.M a line, but their support borders on the obscene.

I dropped them a line some time ago, pointing out why they have so many paper jams, and why they have to stop telling people to send thicker paper/card through it etc.

I'm not expecting much from them, so thought I look amongst old mates.

any ideas please ?

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