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Konica Minolta Magicolor 2530DL - more problems

  Furkin 13:01 08 Mar 2019

Hi guys,

I've had this garbage for a couple of years or more now. The worst thing I ever bought.

It's used for home use only. I'm just coming to the end of the original toners, so it hasn't been used a great deal.

1/ For some reason, it has started to start printing about 2 inches down the sheet - and obviously going on to the second sheet to finish.

I have checked and checked the margins etc. I've messaged Konica Minolta twice, but as usual - no reply.

2/ A week or so ago, I replaced the black toner. The other colours said "running low". I started to look into the 2" printing again, but now it isn't printing anything,,,, well I say anything, but when I tried a test page, I can see some very faint blue bits. No others - including the new black.

I find it odd that all colours don't work,,,, as they usually run out at different intervals.

I don't want to replace the toners if they aren't needed yet.

I think I have two different problems.

Any ideas please ?

for other users: found out by experience:

DON'T follow Konica Minolta advice on clearing paper jams (just shove some stiffer paper through,,,,,) as the paper gets caught behind the head of rivets, so CAN'T be pushed out.

  Furkin 13:44 20 Mar 2019

Any help or advice please ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:35 20 Mar 2019

Usually stop if one colour runs out as it uses a mix of colours ven to produce black.

As for your printing 2 inch down - double check the paper size it thinks its using might be set to letter rather than A4.

  Furkin 14:04 21 Mar 2019

Cheers Fruit Bat,

Always there with advice - thanks.

The unit has its own black toner (just replaced). Just after that, it got the message saying "Red is low" -[not empty]. A few days later it said Cyan is low [not empty].

It would still print at that time. Now it dosn't print, even with the test page - see o.p.

I'll double check the paper size, but I'm sure I did that when resetting the margins etc.

Thanks again mate

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