Kodak printer paper jam problem

  specsol 16:37 30 Jul 2013

I have a Kodak ESP C315 printer. It had a paper jam which was cleared without problems. However the printer continues to show error code 3528 (paper jam please clear) There is definitely no paper jam and following all the help answers leaves the printer in exactly the same state where nothing can be done with it. It is about 6 weeks out of guarantee. Has anyone else had a similar situation or a solution to it? Any suggestions appreciated

  bumpkin 17:31 30 Jul 2013

Had it with a Canon, tiny bit of paper still in the mechanism say 5mm x 5mm. Worth checking.

  specsol 22:27 30 Jul 2013

Thanks for the suggestion. But I am quite sure there was no small fragments left in the printer. The page that caused the jam was retrieved without any tears or missing pieces. Also the support engineer at the place I bought it from agreed that there was no paper left in the printer. As an irrelevant addition it is not a glitch in the software as I uninstalled the software and re-installed it from the Kodak website


  chub_tor 13:18 31 Jul 2013

Have you tried following the procedures shown on this link from Kodak?

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