Kodak easyshareware

  Damarc 16:30 12 Aug 2008

I have a kodak camera and kodakshareware. No problem in transferring from camera to pc but when I want to edit slightly and save with a sensible name to a sensible folder that I can find! - after about 6 pics it ceases to respond and I have to reboot and start all over again. It also stops me from doing anything else while waiting for it to re-respond. Can anyone tell me how I can counteract this. Would it be the file names that I am giving the photos at all? I don't think there's a connection because the first 6 were quite long file names, then it went for 3 with short file names and seized up again. I find it sooo frustrating and time consuming.

  rawprawn 17:25 12 Aug 2008

From one Sutton to another! I have a Kodak Easyshare camera but I don't use their software. I import straight into my PC using Picasa
click here
Very good and easy to use free program.
It should be worth a try.

  Taff™ 17:34 12 Aug 2008

I agree! The Easyshare software has caused problems with a couple of my friends computers too. You`re not alone! You can use XP or Vista to import the photo`s from the camera without Easyshare.

  jack 17:40 12 Aug 2008

Leave it in the box
most of it is flaky- particularly with Vista
there is much better free software out there.

  Damarc 08:34 13 Aug 2008

I would prefer to do that. When I plug in and switch the camera on I get the usual windows dialogue box that I get for dvd playing, etc., etc. Is that the one I should use? I've also got the Canon easy-photoprint software that came with my printer. That seems easy to use. In addition and relatedly I've also got Nero 7 for disk burning and photoviewer and dvd compiling. Because I wanted speech for dvd compiling and Nero didn't do it I've got photostory for windows which was recommended by this group and that is great except that I don't seem to be able to burn from it for use in dvd players, only for pcs so I then have to transfer to Nero. I temporarily used Picasso but found it not so good as photostory for windows for the speech element, so I don't really want to download that again for transferring photos only. Sorry to go round in circles but my basic question is ... will the general windows dialogue box when you either use a dvd or add an external drive, be sufficient for transferring photos from Kodak camera or will one of the existing pieces of software that I've listed above be better? Thanks

  jack 10:14 13 Aug 2008

When you plug the camera in the computer sees it as another removable memory drive and accords it a drive letter.
Open my computer and watch the desktop- then plug the camera in.
You will see a new drive appear.
When the Scanner/Camera Wizard appears or the dialogue called removable disk ***
Select open folder- you will then get a folder
DCIM-open it - there are your images.

XP has its own CD burn routine but needs a third party program for DVD's
Nero is one - but not my favourite. Over bloated and too complex for my liking.
CDBurner XP Pro - a free download is more robust.

Adding audio to a CD/DVD is another story and needs a dedicated slide show program
Windows has its own. but then needs that burn software.
DVDPixPlay from click here

Will compile images, make titles, incorporate audio- MP3 tracks or recorded voice.
Its not free,but you get a restricted version for try out for 45 days[limited to 50 images and no audio]
CD'sand DVD's have to be Finalized before a DVD player will 'see' them
PixPlay does it automatically or it can be switched off for multiple loadings- but must be finalized before a player can accept it.

  muddypaws 17:01 13 Aug 2008

The last software update on the 28th May played havoc on my SP2. It loaded all my pictures, not just Kodak, apart from other problems. I uninstalled completely and reloaded from the original disc which cured it.
Except that easyware now tends to load with certain other programmes. ie Adobe Reader for one.
Probably will do another install from the CD.
If I am correct there is an additional d/load with PS3 that is for the DVD burning. It loads into PS3.
Have you not got the option right near the end of the slide show building to select DVD burn? I think it is on a scroll down list.

  Damarc 14:42 14 Aug 2008

One is under 'what do you want to do with your story' and the second is under 'settings' The first gives opportunity to play on pc, email, playback on pocket pc, smartphone, or portable media centre. On the second scroll button under settings, you can choose between profile for playback on pc and all the others with the addition of profile playback on dvd under PAL. This is the one I have always chosen but it still doesn't give me the option to burn. I've looked at the PS3 download page and the date is 2005 so I must have the most up to date one and I can't see any additional download for burning.

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