Kodak EasyShare Won't Display Renamed Photos

  griffon 56 01:39 29 Oct 2005

Using Kodak EasyShare photo SW which came with my Kodak LS633 camera, it isn't possible to give photos sensible names instead of those user-unfriendly numbers and still have them display except as thumbnails. A message appears which says helpfully that the program can't find dahdedahdedah, perhaps you've renamed it or transferred it. How can I rename photos and still get the SW to display them as before?

  Djohn 01:58 29 Oct 2005

Not quite sure as I removed my Kodak software when I installed elements 3 editing software, but I think you need to keep the originals and do a "save as" then give the copy a name of your choice.

If you find that you get on with Kodak software ok, then I'm sure someone will have the answer for you. Just in case though, and if you would rather use other software then its ok to un-stall the software, the dock or camera will still work fine and be recognised as a camera in your "My Computer".

  jack 08:00 29 Oct 2005

When you modify a file [re-name] ,this is Windoze at work not the software you are running. What is probably happening is the link' between the camera software and Windoze is imperfect.
It is of a general opinion that the software supplied with cameras is best left in the box. Use instead the minimalist Windoze facilities or [better still] a regular Photo Editor of which there are many including free ones such a Piccasa from Google, or a viewer such as Irfanwiew [ click here]

  griffon 56 13:27 30 Oct 2005

Thanks for two constructive answers. I had thought that as long as I retained the original number at the end of the name, so that it read 'Pretty Picture 100_750.jpg' it would be recognised, but it wasn't. At my venerable age I get conceptual overload very quickly and the idea of having two or more places in which photos are stored and having to remember which for what photo, is just too much. I have a photo editor, Adobe Photo de Luxe Business Edition, which I like very much, but it doesn't do slide shows or full screen displays unlike Kodak EasyShare. I guess from the fact that you've both ditched SW provided with the camera that you don't rate it very highly. I must say I don't either, the Kodak stuff is very intrusive and opens photo download dialogues when you are editing music, and so on, it's like some dopey git handing you a spanner when you are writing a letter. Thanks for the reference to Picassa and Irfan view, I'll give them a try. Regards.

  Djohn 14:54 30 Oct 2005

griffon 56, Like you and jack, I am not impressed with the Kodak software but the cameras they make are excellent.

Take jacks advice and un-install it from your control panel. I find the free picture viewer from XP is excellent for uploading and viewing photos, very fast and full screen views if you wish. Not very good for any editing though so use a simple editing application as suggested above, or buy one at anything from £25 upwards I myself use elements 3 which has 85% of the full £400 version of adobe photo shop but at a fraction of the cost.

After I upload my shots through XP's software, I save them to a folder of my choice then when I want to do any work on them, open elements, import them, do the editing and save back to either the same folder or a different one.

  johnnyrocker 15:00 30 Oct 2005

irfanview is free and will do almost all you need i would think then just save as and you are there, i do that with pics i take and need to improve a bit then i save as and delete the original with no probs.


  griffon 56 15:39 30 Oct 2005

Thanks all. I haven't got a problem with editing and manipulating photos, the problem is simpler, it's just being able to go to a photo in a list, recognise it by its name, display it full screen and then continue to bring up photos on-screen from that point. When all you've got is a list which starts at 000_001.jpg, and you don't know that 000_359.jpg is that unique, furtive shot of that girl who was sunbathing next to you, you're stuck. I tried to rename to get round this and the Kodak SW wouldn't then recognise the pics. I wondered if there was a method of doing this without 'Saving As' somewhere else, I can do that already. Anyhow, I mustn't carp, thanks very much for the tips, I'll try the photo-editors. My copy of Photo de Luxe is about 5 years old now, but I'm reluctant to drop it because it's very good and I've got used to it and can get the results I need from it. I tried Paint Shop Pro but found it's fixed editing features restrictive, and its fine tuning features time consuming to use.

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