Kodak EasyShare software - is it so easy??

  Charlie Babbage 16:11 11 Sep 2005

I recently downloaded this app from click here. I should be interested to know if any other Forum members have experience of this and their views.

I accept that I might not have waded through all the Help pages but I'm finding it anything but easy! It's meant to allow you to print out your photos exactly on Kodak Picture Paper,
size 5 x 7 inches. I found that despite apparantly following the instructions, the app would only print part of my daughter's photo, although the whole image appears prior to selecting 'Print at Home'.

The other annyance is that there's Kodak Software Updater Agent which, when running, prevents other apps from starting and has to be closed down with Task Manager.

Any views or suggestions of better apps from members to exactly print photos would be appreciated.

  Totally-braindead 16:13 11 Sep 2005

Well a freebie from Google click here Picassa will do quite a lot considering its free.

  rawprawn 16:23 11 Sep 2005

As Totally-braindead says Picas2 is an excellent program. I ditched Kodak Easy share in favour of it.

  Totally-braindead 16:33 11 Sep 2005

If its just to print the photos 5 x 7 and not anything to do with editing them then you can just setup a custom size for your paper in properties of your printer ie instead of the paper being A4 you make up a custom size 5 x 7.

  jack 18:07 11 Sep 2005

Digital Camera Software is best left in the box t mostly very flakey
Unload it and as suggested use Piccassa or any othe popular image aditors out there

However part printing of an image may well be another issue connested with PC Memory[not enough]
or spooling problems with printersoftware.

  bruno 19:17 11 Sep 2005

On some applications you have to set up the system by doing a test print.I too ditched Kodak easy share in favour of other image editors,Picassa among them.

  Strawballs 19:43 11 Sep 2005

I got that with my wifes camera but I could not get on with it so I uninstalled it and went back to MGI and XP's own camera wizard for getting pics from camera to hard drive

  shizzy 21:16 11 Sep 2005

I ditched it as well. Picasa or Irfanview are better.

  Skills 21:22 11 Sep 2005

Ditched it here as well much better freebies out there

  Charlie Babbage 21:35 12 Sep 2005

I'm glad that it's not just me! I'll now try Picassa.


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