Kodak Easyshare

  Olly 18:56 08 Sep 2004

My son has installed his Kodak LS 633 camera on my computer, (Windows ME with 318RAM) with Easyware 3.0 Software. When I have been using the computer for some time it starts to react very slowly and any task I am performing does not appear immediately on the monitor and often letters are missing out of words when the print finally appears. Once it starts to lag the mouse does not respond very quickly and the pointer jumps all over the screen. Also it takes longer getting files etc. The computer keeps crashing and it will not start up straight away. It does not turn off at the tower so I have to unplug it. If I put a CD in Kodak software comes into play seaching for pictures.

  buscrew 19:09 08 Sep 2004

I would suggest removing Easyshare, its not really required to obtain pictures from your camera as ME should recognise it as a seperate drive when you connect it, and you can obtain your pictures from there. Try removing the shortcut in your start up folder first, to prevent from loading at startup, to see if that resolves the problem, as you can always start it manually if you want to use it's bells and whistles.

  rawprawn 22:01 08 Sep 2004

I would also run a scan with Spybot & Adaware, Kodak does contain quite a lot of "spyware" mostly backweb.. Stop it loading at start up. I would use msconfig, but I don't know if this applies to ME. I have Kodak Easyshare, but I just use it as necessary, it's a bit pushy. I suggested running Adaware & Spybot because I don't think all your problems are caused by Kodak
click here for Spybot and click here for Adaware. Update both before scanning. Both are free.

  spuds 23:12 08 Sep 2004

Having had problems with the Easyshare system,I have now converted to a card reader [about£9]. Made life much easier.

  Djohn 23:25 08 Sep 2004

Tried the Kodak software and a couple of on-line updates to the software but still found it intrusive and not the best of software to use although the camera [DX 6340] is superb.

I uninstalled the software then plugged in the Dock via the USB lead, it now shows in My Computer as a camera with the model No. I can press the button on the dock and upload to XP picture viewer for storing or viewing and Adobe elements for more serious work in editing/cropping etc. Works much better this way.

If you don't have the dock then just use the USB lead straight from the camera to the PC and it will show up as an extra drive as spuds says.

  Strawballs 23:27 08 Sep 2004

I too uninstalled easyshare and now just plug into USB download into my pictures and use MGI to do any playing with bells and whistles as buscrew put it.

  osnaburgh 16:41 10 Jan 2005

Am using the Kodak CX6200 easyshare package and would like any suggestions for a simple easy and cheap viewer to transfer pics rather than using Kodaks software. Have tried U-lead Photo explorer 6 but it will only transfer from the internal memory but won`t recognise the extra sd card(jpeg,exif files)

  spuds 18:37 10 Jan 2005

You may find that is best if your start your own post on the question raised.Using your own posting will return any answers direct back to you instead of Olly.

  Halmer 20:10 10 Jan 2005

which is better.

If you registered version 3.0 you can download 4.0. It's quite a big download but is better than the previouis one and more responsive.
If you haven't registered you still can do quite easily I think.

  CHAIRLEG 22:54 10 Jan 2005

I had version 3 which has auto updated to version 4

  Completealias 00:09 11 Jan 2005

I had a prob with the easyshare software. Pictures which I had transferred with it and then deleted still displayed as thumbnails in the software and not just in my user account!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dodgy

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