kodak easy share

  ann-199314 20:50 05 Sep 2005

I have a lot of photos on the kodak easy share page which I want to delete. Do I have to delete each one individually or can I delete them collectively, i.e. one fell swoop. It is going to take me ages and ages to delete each one individually. Any advice would be appreciated. Ann

  Totally-braindead 21:06 05 Sep 2005
  Skills 22:44 05 Sep 2005

To be honest with you I ditched the easy share software quite a while ago now. I transferred some pics across and had actually delete them from my pc and they still showed up in the software.

I use MS scanner and camera wizard now works fine for me if you want a free app to manage your pics I hear Pisca2 from google is good.

  jack 08:45 06 Sep 2005

Not having specific knowledge of 'Easyshare' in particular, but the normal procedudre in a Windoze systsem is to open the page of images, go to
Edit /Select All/ Cut

Then go to new location
Job done.

Generally speaking - those with a little experience have found that the software supplied with cameras is best left in the box.
Let windows do the work.

  rawprawn 08:57 06 Sep 2005

I also ditched Easyshare, I now use Picasa2 it's much more user friendly,and in my opinion a much better program. click here

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