kodak burning to disc

  Mosquitoes 20:02 03 Jul 2004

Hi everbody,
I have a problem that I hope somebody can help me with. I have a Kodak camera DX6490 and the easyshare software say's that i can burn pic's to disc only I can't.. it seems my matsh ita dvd-ram sw-9581 is not supported by their software so i have to find the folder then find the pic and send to the burner individualy, which is a pain in the butt I know that matsh ita is basically panasonic so could i use a newer driver that maybe kodak recognises ? any help greatly appreciated

  dfghjkl 01:22 04 Jul 2004

sorry i cant help,but i have a msi 52m cdr,not very old and i am in the same boat.it says to look on website for downloads but i have not found them.i use nero.

  Mosquitoes 08:56 04 Jul 2004

its a pain the butt the other problem i'm having is that the date folder on the comp (kodak pics) has frozen on one paticular date and everything since goes in that folder so its getting pretty big. do you know how i can reset it so that the pictures go in to there individual date folders

  dfghjkl 20:11 04 Jul 2004

sorry i dont have that problem,you could always use a fresh album each time.have you tried uninstall and reinstall?i tried that but the only problem i had was that i moved my photos into a new file but i can not transfer them back to the kodak easyshare file.it is still new to me so i am still exploring.

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