knoppix wont 'see' my adsl modem

  ΆØL HåŁęŖ 22:24 04 Jun 2003

hi all i am a new user to knoppix and have just installed it on my system along side windows xp, is there any way of getting knoppix to 'see' me adsl pci modem? as when i go to try to set it up i get the message that there is no ethernet card installed and then a program launches with a list of options to install the driver manually but i dont have a scooby on which option to select, i got down to the interface card option then that gave me alot more options such as ethernet card ii, pci bla bla etc etc there are so many i dont know were to start!!!

can anyone help me as i dont want my quest to learn linux to end here!

i eagerly await your advice

ps my modem is adsl-pci-wan adaptor (according to device manager in win xp)

please go easy on me and put it in language i can follow

thanks again (i hope you can help

  Despicable Desperado 22:36 04 Jun 2003

Not knowing a lot about Linux can only generalise but unless there is a specific linux driver for your card then you will have great problems. Believe there are lists of compatible hardware that you can obtain. May be best to view one of these and see if you can swap your card for a compatible one

  ΆØL HåŁęŖ 23:18 04 Jun 2003

i just need to know what option to choose i think on the knoppix manual installer

  ΆØL HåŁęŖ 08:57 05 Jun 2003


  -pops- 09:10 05 Jun 2003

Not knowing a thing about Knoppix or Linux, I venture a suggestion that you contact the maker of the errant modem to point you in the direction of suitable drivers for the operating system you want to use.


  Tesman 11:14 05 Jun 2003

Hello, ΆØL HåŁęŖ - good to see you got Knoppix installed okay, and I only wish I could help you with your problem. You may fare better posting it on
a specialised Linux Forum - I would recommend:-

click here

Plenty of UK members there, all very friendly, and I'm sure there'll be someone with the answer.

  ΆØL HåŁęŖ 20:39 05 Jun 2003

i have just got a response from the linux forum

You don't mention a nic card. Is this built into the modem? Most ASDL setups require a nic card as well as a modem. If you don't need one with XP, you might with Knoppix. That is most likely waht Knoppix is looking for.

what is a nic card and how do i know if my adsl pci modem has one?

  ΆØL HåŁęŖ 10:01 06 Jun 2003


  ΆØL HåŁęŖ 17:37 08 Jun 2003

right, i have just replaced knoppix with mandrake and it is much better but i still cant connect to the internet! will i have to buy a seperate modem be it dial up or adsl to connect to the net with linux? if so where can i get a cheap one? any help would be much appreciated

  ΆØL HåŁęŖ 22:14 08 Jun 2003


  ΆØL HåŁęŖ 13:17 09 Jun 2003


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