Knoppix Linux

  onthelimit 15:48 09 May 2010

Following a suggestion on these forums, I've downloaded and burnt a copy of knoppix Linux with a view to using it to recover files from a computer with an iffy Windows OS. It loads onto my PC OK, but I can't make sense of the menus that appear. Any help, or pointers to an idiot's guide, would be welcome.

  onthelimit 16:12 09 May 2010

Beginning to wonder if I've downloaded the wrong version (CD) - all the help sites I've visited suggest Linux should load to a normal looking desktop; I just get a numerical ,list of options (titled Adriane) - none of them seem to do much.

  LastChip 17:24 09 May 2010

The latest version I have immediately available is 5.0.1.

This boots into a Desktop (gui) and displays any hard drives you have on the machine.

If you pop in a USB stick before you boot up, it shows that too and all you have to do is swap the files across. It may be the USB stick will not allow you to write to it and this will be a permissions issue. Not something I can easily explain in a short post, but you can find plenty of on-line help if that proves to be the case.

click here for the latest version which is now 6.2

  onthelimit 18:37 09 May 2010

Thanks, 6.2 is the one I downloaded to CD. No sign of a GUI, just a list of options which seem fairly meaningless. I'll try the version from your site.

  LastChip 18:58 09 May 2010

You are burning it correctly as an ISO, aren't you?

That's where many fall down.

click here if you want to make sure.

  ashdav 20:36 09 May 2010

Ive not tried Knoppix but from previous experience with Linux live CDs if the disc does not contain suitable graphics drivers it will revert to a graphical (ie text) screen which is basically the command line.
Could that be happening here ?

  onthelimit 22:20 09 May 2010

lastchip - yup, burnt it as an ISO, ashdav - sounds like that. I've ordered a dvd by post, so will see what happens with that.

  ashdav 22:24 09 May 2010

When you boot from the disc you should be offered a variety of options.
Use the down arrow to select the one that says VESA in the title then press enter.
This will load basic graphics drivers which should give you a GUI and desktop.

  ashdav 22:26 09 May 2010

The screen will appear near the beginning of the installation not when you get to the text screen you had before.

  Strawballs 22:38 09 May 2010

I have done just as you are trying with Ubuntu many times without problem but I have no experience of Knoppix

  onthelimit 08:56 10 May 2010

Thanks. On boot up, Linux shows as loading (green progress bar, underneath it says what's loading, which includes graphics). At the end, just changes to a tabular screen with ADRIANE at the top - this seems to be a screenreader for the visually impaired. The list is things like WWW, email,chat etc - finishes with setup and shutdown. The only one that seems to do anything positive is shutdown! No sign at any stage of VESA.

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