Klez 32 virus

  Andsome 08:10 17 Jul 2003

When I visited my daughter yesterday, she said that Norton 2002 had isolated Klez 32 on her computer. In the quarantine folder there were about half a dozen references to it. I downloaded and ran the removal tool in safe mode, and the result was a clean report. Should I now leave the half dozen or so references in the quarantine folder, or is it safe to right click and delete each one in turn?

  Taff36 08:28 17 Jul 2003

This is straight out of the help file in NAV 2002:
To delete a file from Quarantine

When Norton AntiVirus finds an infected file on your computer that it was unable to repair it puts the file in Quarantine. Putting the infected file in Quarantine keeps the virus from spreading and damaging your computer data. If you want to try to recover the contents of the file, keeping the infected file in Quarantine enables you to submit the file to the Symantec Security Response experts, formerly known as the Symantec AntiVirus Research Center (SARC), for analysis and possible repair, or you can keep the file in Quarantine for possible future repair by updated virus definition files.

If you don?t want to keep the contents of the infected file, you can delete the infected file from Quarantine, which deletes the file from your computer. Be aware that if you delete a file from Quarantine, you will not be able to use the file again. The file and its virus will be completely and safely deleted from your computer.

1 In the Norton AntiVirus main window, click Reports.

2 Click View Reports next to the Quarantined items option.

3 In the left panel of the Quarantine, click Quarantined Items.

4 Select a file in the list of Quarantined items and click Delete Item.

You are prompted to confirm that you want to permanently remove the item from you computer.

5 Click Yes to delete the file.

  Andsome 08:42 17 Jul 2003

Many thanks.

  Mango Grummit 09:07 17 Jul 2003

I realise this is ticked but did you try W32.Klez Removal Tool from Symantec?
click here

  Jester2K II 09:09 17 Jul 2003

From the original post "I downloaded and ran the removal tool in safe mode, and the result was a clean report. "

The question was how to remove the Klez virus from Quarentine.

  Mango Grummit 09:13 17 Jul 2003

ahhh, you are right. Soz, must be sleepy. Been up most of the night with the dog.



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