KINGSTON DataTraveler 310 USB Flash Drive - 256 GB

  Damarc 16:56 20 Feb 2012

Are there fakes out there in connection with the above? I'm looking for one of these and on ebay they vary so much in price. From about £45 to £455. I asked the retailer of the latter if he had put the wrong price on it but he says not. What sort of price should bona fide Kingston flash drives cost?

  ton 17:11 20 Feb 2012
  Damarc 18:33 20 Feb 2012

Thank you, it's a nightmare to know whether you're buying a fake or not! I think I'll go to PC World. at least I'll have some fallback if it fails.

  Batch 21:59 20 Feb 2012

The market is flooded with fake flash drives. Particularly of the higher capacity ones. One ruse is to make a fake drive which contains, say, just 1GB but make it report that it is, say 128GB. When you try to use it, if it will work at all, it just uses the same 1GB over and obver.

I wouldn't buy any of these other than from a reputable retailer. I've found MyMemory to be quite good. They have a 128GB Kingston at £270 128GB drive. But to be quite honest, unless you really need a single high capacity drive, at those prices you'd be better off buying multiple 32GB drives (some branded ones here from £19)

  Housten 12:55 21 Feb 2012

I was well aware that there are fake drives about. But I saw a 256 GB one for about £12.50. I just couldn't think of a reason not to get it. It took 3 weeks to arrive but it reports that 255 GB of 255 GB is available. I am certain it is a fake even though it has 'Kingston' and 'DT310 256 GB' on it. But it does seem to work. Have I done wrong? Morally I would say yes, but at the moment it is useful and I don't care, I am afraid!!!

  robin_x 14:21 21 Feb 2012

It may be a fake AND stolen.

Be very afraid.

  ams4127 17:18 21 Feb 2012

I reckon the old adage applies - "If it looks to good to be true, it probably is"

  Batch 22:50 21 Feb 2012


Have you actually tried putting a large amount of data on to it AND also retrieving it AND verifying that the retrieved data is ALL valid?

  Housten 18:04 23 Feb 2012

Batch and robinofloxley,

If you - thoroughly - read my post I said "Have I done wrong? Morally I would say yes, but at the moment it is useful and I don't care, I am afraid!!!" Which to my simple mind answers most of your points!! I have tried some large files fies on it but no I have neither retreived them nor verified them as I have more troubles at the moment, as some of my 'Control Panel' options don't work. But do I care?? NO!! But for less than £12.50 that's a risk I think that is worth running, although from the attitudes you are both showing you will probably disagree!!

  john bunyan 18:13 23 Feb 2012

I think, whatever the econonics, to have such a big flash drive may be OTT, in view of the risk of losing data. I assume you have back ups, but why would yon need such a huge capacity, except perhaps for many films. My entire music is only about 30 Gig for example.

  Housten 15:57 24 Feb 2012

john bunyan,

I agree completely, it is OTT!! But when I saw it, I didn't really believe it and as I have said before, what is the loss at £12.48?? [ And NO I am not trying to be a show-off or anything else - just a straight forward statement of fact, as far as I am concerned ]. I got it as a bit of a laugh, but it does seem to work and they still seem to be selling them - so I would suggest that if anybody else wants one they get in a bit sharpish because you never know when these 'offers' can finish. And before anyone else goes on about it, yes I knew before I ordered it that it was probably a fake, and I am certain it is, BUT if it works then that is all I am asking it to do!!

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