Kingmax Secure Digital Card Problems

  [DELETED] 21:17 23 Sep 2003

I have just bought a new Viewsonic V35 PDA. Everything works just fine on it, until I discovered I was running low on memory after putting a multi-format games emulator on it.

So, I decided to buy a SD (Secure Digital) card for it. I browsed around, and found that Kingmax did a 128MB SD card for £26.99 (excl. VAT). I jumped at the offer, and it arrived on Tuesday 23 September.

I tried it in my PDA, but I couldn't get any life out of it. I know the PDA slot is working, because I tried a friend's MMC (Multimedia Card) in my PDA, and I could access all the files on it without problems. I know this PDA supports SD because it explicitly says so in the manual.

I am running MS Pocket PC 2002 Premium, and have an Xscale 300MHz processor.

Please help......

  [DELETED] 22:38 23 Sep 2003

and if it's no good, at least will put you to the top again........

Does the SD Memory card need formatting before use? I know you don't have to for a camera, but what about your PDA?


  [DELETED] 22:47 23 Sep 2003

Was the card you bought an SD or an SDIO? SDIO is not supported by the V35 yet.Just a thought but i'm sure you wouldn't make that mistake.

From Viewsonic Tech Support.
Currently this V35 can only support SD memory card but not SDIO, it is due to the O/S version (PC 2002).
Only when upgrade to PC 2003 then it will support SDIO.
The upgrading has not finalized yet, we will announce at our website once it is ready.
Best Regards,
Viewsonic Singapore.

  [DELETED] 11:51 24 Sep 2003

Thanx for your answers. I have tried the SD card (and it is an SD card) in another PDA with no success- (not found in File Explorer in Windows Mobile 2003), therefore I am sending it back for replacement.


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