Kindle Wifi Connection

  hettynaylor 15:39 12 Jan 2012


I bought a kindle and couldn't get it to connect to wifi. I have a BT homehub 2 and am running xp on my pc. I have now come to the conclusion it was my pc - if I buy a netgear adaptor, will I have more success or am I just wasting my money? HELP PLEASE

  difarn 16:05 12 Jan 2012

What stage did you get to with the connection?

Did you enter the password you used when you set up your wireless network - this is usually on the bottom of your router?

  hettynaylor 16:13 12 Jan 2012

Yes, I tried the password on the back of the router and it would not connect. I took it back to Curry's they connected right away

  difarn 16:25 12 Jan 2012

You don't say how far you got with this when it asked for a password did you put in the WEP key for your router - usually found on the bottom of the router?

You don't have to have a wifi connection to use the kindle or register it - this can be done using the 3G capability - if your kindle has this. To do this:-

You can register your Kindle online or straight from the device itself.

To register your Kindle online log on to Amazon and go to your account.

Go to the Manage Your Kindle page and click "Register a Kindle" from the left side.
Enter the 16-digit serial number of your Kindle (Tip: It starts with "B00E").
Click on "Register".

To register your Kindle on the device:

Press the Home button, then press the Menu button and select Turn Wireless On.
Press Menu again and navigate to "Settings" using the 5-way controller; press to select.
If you received Kindle as a gift, and the person who gave it to you is listed as the

"Registered User," select "deregister." Select "register."

If you have an Amazon account:

Enter the e-mail address and password of your account. Navigate to "submit" using the 5-way controller; then press to select. Your name will appear as the "Registered User" when registration is complete. If you do not have an Amazon account: Navigate to "create account" using the 5-way controller; then press to select. Follow the instructions on the screen. Your Kindle will be automatically registered.

I used this when registering mine. I then just have to go on to Amazon - choose my books - click on add to basket - you should be asked whether you want this to be sent to your Kindle or to your PC (you can have both options, I have them sent to a laptop also - I did this before I bought the Kindle to see what the books were like and they now get sent to a laptop so I have two copies). Click on your Kindle - turn on your Kindle, go to menu, settings, at the top you will have an option to turn on wireless - this will be the 3G network - your books will then be sent to you. This way possibly is a bit slower than having them sent via your wifi router but mine come immediately. Also I have downloaded them when abroad on holiday using this method - even in the mountains!

Here is the Amazon link for troubleshooting.

  difarn 16:27 12 Jan 2012

There was a blip in posting my reply above- when I first started writing it your post about getting it registered at Curry's wasn't there.

I assume your problem is sorted now.

  hettynaylor 17:11 16 Jan 2012

Please accept my apologies and my thanks, but I have not been able to get back on line due to other commitments since our last post.

I tried everything to sign on with the Kindle, the WPA key, my admin password, I am a member of BT Fone and even tried that password but nothing worked. I even took it to the guy who looks after my PC and he could not get it to connect to Wifi either. He thought it might be the setting on the Kindle.

I still think it is something to do with my PC (although my PC guy says not) when I go to connections on my PC it does not show a Wifi connection, but there is a program I can go to - this did not work either. My real question is will a Network adaptor enable me to connect my Kindle.

Sorry for being so thick - I wish I could go to college to learn more about IT.

Any help at all is very much appreciated - and many thanks for your previous response.


  difarn 17:51 16 Jan 2012

Have you actually registered your Kindle yet? As mentioned above you do not need to use your PC to do this just be able to connect to a 3G (mobile phone) network. If you haven't registered it follow my previous instructions.

You say that your PC does not show a Wifi connection - does it have a wifi card? Do you have a wireless router or is your broadband just supplied via a small modem to which you connect a cable and link this to your PC?

To connect your Kindle to a wireless network you must have a wireless router. I repeat that it is not necessary to have your Kindle connected to a wireless network for it to work it just is a little quicker to download. I don't bother with mine connected to my network as I get a good enough signal just switching on the wireless option on my Kindle and downloading books over the 3G network.

You do, however, have to use a PC to access Amazon and your account. When you register this is set up and you just log on, choose your books, place in the basket and you will be asked where you want them sent - to your PC or your Kindle - choose Kindle. Your Kindle wireless needs to be on to allow these to download.

  hettynaylor 15:49 17 Jan 2012

Many thanks for all your help, I took your advice and am now connected.

Cheers and thanks again


  difarn 15:56 17 Jan 2012

Excellent news - enjoy.

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