Kindle wfi 3G advice on purchase

  GrannyA 16:53 04 Nov 2011

I am thinking of buying one of these for my husband for Christmas. We travel quite a lot and , if it works as I think it does, he would be able to not only read books but also read and send his emails while abroad? Once bought are there any other expenses involved? (Apart from the cover, which I see is very expensive for what it is!) Any user advice would be welcomed. Thank you Granny A

  lotvic 18:04 04 Nov 2011

Webmail through the basic experimental browser "3G international roaming web browsing being experimental/subject to change/"happy coincidence", the updated list for the UK 3G Kindle stands as follows:" ClickHere

E-Mail on Kindle: How to Use the Kindle For Free E-Mail On the Go ClickHere this has screenshots.

Also remember that Kindle is only in black & white (or shades of grey) no colour on it.

  lotvic 18:08 04 Nov 2011

This is also useful to know ClickHere article from the Telegraph

  Forum Editor 00:02 05 Nov 2011

You can use a Kindle to access webmail,and provided you buy the 3G model there will be no charge for doing so.

The Kindle web browser isn't exactly at the cutting edge, and using the webmail interface is a little clunky, but it works.

Kindles aren't designed primarily for browsing the web, but they are extremely portable, and the sheer convenience of having a small, slim device for reading books, browsing the web, accessing email, and listening to music far outweigh any disadvantages. Mine travels with me wherever I go - I wouldn't want to be without it.

I should add a word about covers. I have had my Kindle for a while now,and early on I decided that as it was going to be pretty heavily used I would buy a cover for it. I splashed out on a real leather one, and what a good investment that has turned out to be. It withstands the rigours of travel, and once saved my Kindle from almost certain death when someone in an aircraft spilt a whole glass of tomato juice onto it.

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