Kindle Fire HD Tablet & Kodi

  Skulkin 11:55 12 Apr 2017


My friend lives in Italy and has been using a Tesco Hudl and Kodi to watch films, series etc. He uses a VPN.

He isn't very good with technology so I [I'm ok][ish!] researched then set it up and left him exact instructions to follow to achieve his English language viewing.

His Hudl has now died and although you can buy them reconditioned or second hand and the fact that he's familiar with it, he would rather buy a new cheap tablet that will do the same for him, so he knows what he's doing. I will buy it and take it to him on my next visit. That way he also gets a guarantee for it - he's worried after reading about Hudls that they can/do unexpectedly expire.

He doesn't use it for anything other than Kodi.

I have no experience with tablets but I've read reviews which generally recommend the Kindle Fire HD tablet as far as reasonably priced tablets go but can't see if it would be a suitable replacement to install & run Kodi for him.

Also please confirm it has a micro HDMI port as he doesn't have a smart TV and has to use a cable to HDMI and if it would be a suitable replacement would picture quality be good? Lastly, would he in any way benefit from 16gb rather than 8gb?

Many thanks in advance, all help and any other thoughts very much appreciated.


  The Kestrel 13:56 12 Apr 2017

The Kindle Fire HD does not have a micro HDMI port, see specs click here Linx 1010 does have a micro HDMI port, though I have no knowledge of how good the tablet is click here might be worthwhile looking at some reviews of the Linx.

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  difarn 14:20 12 Apr 2017

I don't have any experience of the Kindle Fire but it may be possible that there is an adapter to get round the micro hdmi port problem. It may be worth looking on Amazon, for example.

  Skulkin 16:57 12 Apr 2017

Thanks for the clues. Will look at the Linx. If anyone else has a suggestion for an android tablet that would do the job, I'd appreciate it. Many thanks skulkin

  difarn 17:05 12 Apr 2017

I have a Samsung Galaxy tablet that I am sure would do the job that is needed of it. There are a few to choose from and they do have micro HDMI ports.

click here

  The Kestrel 19:21 12 Apr 2017

As I understand it, though I may be wrong, and certainly in the case of my Tab A 10.1, Samsung tablets only come with a micro USB port. You can however purchase a HDMI adapter for certain models that connects to the USB port of the tablet.

  difarn 21:36 12 Apr 2017


You are quite correct - I should have said micro USB. I believe that you can get the necessary adapter.

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