Kindle app on HUDL, I live in Spain

  sandy1948 08:59 14 Dec 2013

I live in Spain and have an early Xmas present of a HUDL. I am not very tech savvy...sorry. I wand to download some books for when I go on Holiday, so I went into Google Play (already installed on HUDL) And it recognised I was in SPain and only showed me Spanish books. I tried inputting a search for books in English, but that only produced English/Spanish Dictionaries etc. Then someone who owns a Kindle said try Kindle App, but again I could only get books in Spanish. I have a laptop, a netbook now a tablet. Is there another App I should use? Is there a work round as I can't be the only expat who wants to read English books? Please can someone tell me (in simple terms) how I can get books in English onto my HUDL please. I have UK credit/bank cards but they are registered to my Spanish address. As an aside, will I have the same problem if I try to download films? Thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:25 14 Dec 2013

You could try spoofing the Spanish IP address using a UK VPN or proxy with the tablet

something like this

  Woolwell 14:38 14 Dec 2013

Try the Kobo app instead.

  lotvic 15:13 14 Dec 2013

It's because of copyright issues apparently? kindle (app) will only let you buy, download from (US $) not (£) once it detects you are on a Spanish Server. click here

If you intend buying books other than just from kindle store, then any e-reader app will be okay to read the books. I don't know how the copyright thing works for other stores as surely we ought be able to buy UK versions no matter where we live.

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