Killing Windows Task Scheduler

  DannyOH 21:49 31 Jan 2003

As a lone user, I have never seen the need to use the Windows Task Scheduler, and, as it uses system resources, I want to disable it—not just temporarily, but permanently. I am sick and tired of having to "pause" it, or "Stop Using " it each time I restart Windows. Permanently disabling it however does not seem outwardly possible in Win98SE. It is not in the Windows Start Menu Startup folder, and neither is it in MSconfig. So where is it? and how can I kill the damned thing!?
D. O'Hanlon

  Switcher 21:57 31 Jan 2003

Open scheduler

Select advanced

Select Stop using Task scheduler

  BBez 22:08 31 Jan 2003

goto Start, Run, type "msconfig" without quotes, then goto startup tab and look for "mstask" and uncheck it... this will stop task scheduler from running...

  DannyOH 23:38 31 Jan 2003

Switcher wrote: "Open scheduler, Select advanced, Select Stop using Task scheduler."
BBex wrote: "goto Start, Run, type "msconfig" without quotes, then goto startup tab and look for "mstask" and uncheck it. "

—Thanks for trying guys, but neither of you seem to have read my message details. I repeat:

There is no "mstask" in my msconfig window, and "disabling" Task Manager only stops it for the current session--it always shows up again after the next restar, and has to be disabled again.

D. O'Hanlon

  Switcher 22:39 02 Feb 2003

I did read your details very carefully but was not aware what method you were using to stop using task manager.

The method I suggested works for me and I am also on Win98se. Windows help also intimates that using this method will prevent it restarting next time windows is started.

You could try renaming mstask.exe or mstask.dll

  bvw in bristol 23:03 02 Feb 2003

click here
Might help you.

  rev.bem 23:27 02 Feb 2003

run msconfig and look for SchedulingAgent if its there remove the tick

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