Kill Reg ?

  [email protected] 18:18 05 Oct 2005

Win XP Home SP2.
On Monday, MS AntiSpyware picked up something called "KillReg" and stated it could/could not be harmful. Erring on safety as it had never picked it up before, I got rid of it. Since then I have big problems when connected to the net and my AV/FW are in a mess!
The PC runs perfectly as it is and connects to the net ok, but just my home page takes forever to load if at all :-( . I am also plagued by constant popup windows from my AV/FW to the effect it is not installed correctly or some parts of it are missing etc etc.
Luckily I am up and running with my spare PC which works fine from the same modem [not at the same time]. Apart from having little or no net connection speed [I am on broadband] and the problem with the AV stuff, everything appears OK. I have run all my AV/AntiSpyware/Malware stuff etc but nothing turned up, and general housework [full syscheck/Ccleaner] etc made no difference. I have also tried several Sys Restore's back several days but no luck there either.
Any advice would be welcome, and thanks in advance.

  VoG II 18:21 05 Oct 2005

Try this click here

  [email protected] 18:32 05 Oct 2005

Thanks VoG™ , I will give it a go.

  [email protected] 20:01 05 Oct 2005

Hi VoG™
No luck I'm afraid. I thought something had speeded up but realised is was the net pages that were partially cached before. I can't even stay on long enough to re-install my AV stuff from the McAfee site, and I don't like being on the net long without any protection at all. :-(

  ade.h 20:45 05 Oct 2005

When you say " my AV stuff from the McAfee site" do you mean that you have a downloaded version of some kind, rather than a CD issue? If so, did you keep the download safely tucked away in your documents somewhere? I always do that with software downloads in case a re-install is needed. Which in your case, it sounds like it is unfortunately. As an alternative have you got any recent magazine CDs with free AV software or a friend who can download some for you?

  Eastender 20:55 05 Oct 2005

Some anti-spy software identifies a legitimate component of the Sagem modem software as Trojan Kill Reg.

If you have a Sagem modem, suggest you re-install the software.

  [email protected] 20:58 05 Oct 2005

Hi there ade.h
First the AV. I have been with McAfee for years and when it upgrades it just does it by d/l. Although installing some additional AV it may help to keep me on the net secure while I am trying to sort the problem, the real problem is the continual pop-ups from my AV [close the box it opens again sort of thing] telling me components are missing/corrupt. That's the main reason for getting it installed again - to stop that.
Now the real problem - net speed, currently about one byte/day ;-)
I have run the RegFix suggested by VoG™ but no good. I am using my spare PC on the net at normal speed at the moment and will try to d/l the AV to disc later but like I said, the real problem seems to be some corruption in the registry.

  [email protected] 21:01 05 Oct 2005

Hi Eastender. I do indeed use the Sagem modem/drivers and about the same time as the problem I was rolling back a driver as I was having problems with my router/modem. You just may have hit the nail on the head. I will get to it now and see what I can see. Cheers.

  ade.h 13:35 06 Oct 2005

Hi. One of the problems with AV apps is a sort of chicken-and-egg situation; even if you have a CD issue, it will need to be updated and that means going online. I use F-Secure on one PC (Avast and NOD32 on the others, I like variety!) and when it first installs, it insists on getting updates before it can complete the installation. So you're sort of going in to bat against Shane Warne without any pads on!

Firstly, follow Eastender's advice. Then, if needs be, remove McAfee and re-install it (offline) then go online to get the updates. That's assuming that your net connection is back to normal at this point and is ready for all those updates! If you don't fancy that option, then seriously consider dropping McAfee in favour of Avast or NOD32. By downloading a copy of either from another PC, you can install it to yours from whatever medium you happen to use (CD-R, flash memory) and be immediately pretty well protected. One of the advantages of the free-to-download AV apps is that they are always pretty up-to-date when you first install them.

  [email protected] 15:59 06 Oct 2005

Thanks ade.h , but my problem is the net - pages not loading. Once that is sorted the AV thing will be easy. I have uninstalled all my AV stuff just to get rid of the constant pop-ups while I am trying to work [offline].
I have run the WinsockFix but no luck there. I am about to trawl the MS Knowledge Data Base to see if I can turn something up.
Eastender - I have removed and reinstalled my modem drivers but the problem persists. I feel it is something to do with TCP/IP protocols but don't know enough about it so I must do some reading.

  [email protected] 17:51 06 Oct 2005

It gets worse!
Hours of MSKB and did'nt understand much. Thread 315810 appeared the closest I could get but reading is one thing - understanding something else.
During my web travels I came across something called "PC Rescue" which is supposed to find/fix all your problems [I wish...]
I d/l the trial and ran it and sure enough it listed loads of so called problems, some of which were ActiveX/COM problems marked High priority, so now I am wondering if I have an ActiveX problem which also may have accounted for the continual pop-activity. Needless to say, you have to purchase the program to "fix" the problems and it's 30 dollars so that is on the back burner, quite a bit back.
Does anyone know how to diagnose and fix ActiveX problems ?

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