termite 08:12 23 Aug 2003

when I shut down WinXP I get the error message "khooker.exe-The application failed to initiallize as the system is shutting down". What is it,and how do I remove it. Any suggestions gratefully recieved.

  Wes Tam ;-) 08:22 23 Aug 2003

termite khooker.exe is a System Tray utility which gets installed by the drivers of the latter day SiS VGA cards.

It can cause errors at startup and isn't required.

  Wes Tam ;-) 08:23 23 Aug 2003

ps If you are having problems with it, you can go to start/run and type in msconfig and then click on the startup tab. Locate KHooker in the list of startup apps. If it has a tick next to it, uncheck it (it does not need to be checked) and apply and reboot your machine

  Forum Editor 08:27 23 Aug 2003

that is installed by the drivers of SiS VGA cards. It isn't required at all, and you can stop the error message by doing this:-

1. Go to Start and click on Run

2. Type: msconfig and click OK

3. Click the startup tab

4. Find Khooker.exe and remove the tick next to its name. Click Apply and OK and restart your computer - all will be well.

  jazzypop 08:28 23 Aug 2003

"SiS Keyboard Daemon. System Tray utility which gets installed by the drivers of the latter day SiS VGA cards. Can cause errors at startup and isn't required" Source - click here

Go to Start > Run, type


go to the Startup page and untick the reference to Khooker or SIS Khooker.This will prevent the utility from starting in the first place.

  termite 10:20 23 Aug 2003

forum Ed,

I can find no mention of it!! Problem?

  Forum Editor 10:38 23 Aug 2003

That probably indicates that there's a reference to it in the registry but that Windows can't find the .exe file, or that it is there but is corrupt.

Do you know how to edit the registry?

  krypt1c 10:39 23 Aug 2003

Found this if it's any use
khooker.exe appears to be a program from Silicon Integrated Systems and is installed when installing the driver for SiS VGA video cards. I understand that the program is pretty useless and therefore would suggest you either remove it from the startup axis (uncheck the relevant entry in MSConfig | Startup) or alternatively try uninstalling and then reinstalling your video drivers

  termite 11:27 23 Aug 2003

Forum Ed,

I know how to get into the registry but where do I go from there? Which of the keys will I find it under?

  Wes Tam ;-) 11:45 23 Aug 2003

Save your registry then do a 'find' for Khooker, delete it, then F3 to find any more references to it.

  termite 12:32 23 Aug 2003

Problem solved! Thanks, Wes and everybody else who offered help.

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