Keyword highlight slowing PC Advisor site access?

  Peter 20:58 12 May 2003

Has anyone else noticed that while the "green underline"ing is taking place you can't click on links or go backwards or forwards for a while?

Also the word Sun (short for Sunday) now links to the SUN site.

I am using Windows 95 and IE 5.5.


  recap 21:02 12 May 2003


  Goldcroft 21:22 12 May 2003

I was particularly struck with the Sunday underlining. God knows what we'll get with Wed or Sat.

  Peter 21:59 12 May 2003

Glad I'm not alone in noticing the strange effects this underlining is having.


  Sir Radfordin™ 23:29 12 May 2003

I don't think its the green underlining, there is a 1x1 pixle graphic thats sitting on the slowest box ever to grace the web with its presence!

  Peter 12:36 13 May 2003

Maybe the Forum Editor could shed some authoritive light on this matter?


  Valvegrid 12:44 13 May 2003

As slow as tortoise on Valium sometimes.

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