Les 23:13 02 Sep 2005

Are these safe to use? I need to check that MSN messenger is being used properly and safely by a 13 year old - you can't watch them all the time as they go about using it - I need to keep a silent check but fear that these loggers are medrely an excuse to invade your own privacy! Would this be correct?

  User-312386 23:39 02 Sep 2005

If you feel that you need to protect your 13 year old then no they are to protect.

I agree that if it were to be used to check on older people then it would be an invasion, but in this day and age, you have to protect the young from the unscrupulous.

  Les 00:13 03 Sep 2005

Thanks .... I've tried a couple, the Golden Keylogger which gives you a free trial but insists on putting a notice on screen when the computer is booted - clearly telling what it is! I've tried unistalling it but it appears reluctant to be so treated! The other is a free one from Softwareforyou - I really should have suspected this one - you have to enter a 'magic word' in Notepad or Calc. Calc? This will only accept numbers. Notepad? I tried typing the word several times, then on one occasion it actually brought up their opening pages as shown on their web site ( the site looks legit) - it advised the changing of the 'magic word' and I did that - now it won't respond at all nnd nowhere does it say how to read the resulting log files - normally this too should have alerted me - I MUST be slipping. So, I can't find the program on the computer to remove it - until I can I will have to limit my use for sensitive data. Perhaps I have opened a can of worms! Whatever, it's my own fault.

  igk 00:45 03 Sep 2005

Get into safe mode,F5 at boot up, and disable system restore then run spybot search & destroy also run adaware this should pick out the dodgy programmes (Keyloggers for whatever purpose are still trojans/spyware)for you to delete,then set up system restore again and reboot,you do have to be very careful of the websites and any programmes like this they advertise as they are rather "On the darkside" of computing...

  wiz-king 07:36 03 Sep 2005

then use a logger with its own memory that goes into the keyboard lead. click here Mind you if your son or his friends find it they will know your spying on them and go somewhere else to look at the pics that they want to. I have one for my computer at work and it is strange what the cleaners look at at night when nobody else is around!

  Monoux 08:48 03 Sep 2005

In MSN itself you can set it to make a log of the conversation and save the log at a destination of your choice. This could be a hidden file / directory. As you know where to look , having set it up , the logs can be viewed later by yourself and you can see exactly what is being said and who to / from. The only problem I have found with this is knowing who is who because all the kids seem to use alias names !! and most of the conversations are really mundane and boring to us older folks

  €dstowe 08:49 03 Sep 2005

Don't waste your time.

Your 13 year old knows a lot more about computers than you do - if he doesn't, his mates do - and they will be able to disable any keyloggers, nanny-ware and all such stuff to allow them to access whatever they want If they can't do it on your computer then, as has been said, they will go to another that doesn't have these traps.

  LastChip 10:11 03 Sep 2005

It's all part of growing up!

Just make sure from time to time, you let your child know, you know what's going on.

  Les 13:50 03 Sep 2005

I'm all too aware of what it is - we all went through the phase, nevertheless we have to make an effort. This 13 year old has better eye sight than myself and far nimbler fingers, savvy of the messenger but as for knowing more about computers is open to debate - this one doesn't have access to this site 8-))

Monoux: Couldn't agree more with your views on teenage conversations - I like to believe that we had better things to do with our time - but then, I could be very wrong with that - it was a long time ago.

The logger will be a temporary thing to find out what directions the dialogue takes and then act as I see fit - probably, as Lastchip said, let them know that I am aware of what is going on - then take it from there. As has been said, if they wish to converse in such a fashion then they would go elsewhere. Perhaps it's better, realising that and as CDStowe says, ignore it - if that comversation is a 'must do' then perhaps it's better over the net than face to face.

I have found the 'invisible' logger and removed the files found by Spy Doctor but left the other for the time being.

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