Keylogger.Cone.Trojan Virus.

  User-E577C2B7-30BA-4DC0-8BABC76A252E9E06 16:15 16 Mar 2005

Hi all, just run a virus scan and found i had 28 of the buggers on my machine., but could;nt repair, quarrentine or delete them.

They all have the attatchment Keylogger.Cone.Trojan

Run Live Update on Norton system works but no new updates to download??

Also down-loaded latest patch from Symantecs website but still got these Trojans??

Running XP (pro), Norton System Works 2003.., dont appear to have any problems EXCEPT someone sent an e-mail using my Address this morning (it was returned to my in box by mailer deamon). Any help will be greatly appreciated, Thanx in advance,


  Yoda Knight 16:24 16 Mar 2005

try sum of the online virus scanners, click here might do the trick.

  Yoda Knight 16:26 16 Mar 2005

try here instead click here

  Yoda Knight 16:28 16 Mar 2005
  Yoda Knight 16:33 16 Mar 2005

Your firewall software SHOULD have picked up and blocked these parasites from "phoning home", so you may want to look at installing/upgrading/replacing it to stop them returning

Hi Yoda Knight and thanx for your help. Tried that link you gave me, it killed off some , but when i re-scanned with Norton, all 28 of them still there, and cant delete them. May have to try manual delete. Any other suggestions,
Regards Ian.

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