Keylogger versus on screen keyboard

  Silverhairy 11:48 28 Jul 2014

I am new to this forum and my answer is somewhere in here but a few years old(2008). With the threat of the Cryptolocker virus in mind, how best to combat the threat of this virus. Is using the on screen keyboard a good weapon to use? I have a new laptop with the dreaded Windows 8.1, Avast free antivirus, Malwarebytes anti malware, using the Windows Firewall. I would like to know if using the osk is a good tool to use against keylogging or have the baddies overcome people using osk. I am an above average computer geek, but have been unaware of this Cryptolocker and Zeus viruses. Thank you for any advice in this matter

  rdave13 11:56 28 Jul 2014

This article shows it's not.

  Silverhairy 12:10 28 Jul 2014

Thank you rdave13, a very informative article. It seems encryption is the main weapon. Is KeyScrambler 3 any good?

  Woolwell 12:15 28 Jul 2014

IMO a good anti-virus program and firewall should suffice.

  Silverhairy 12:39 28 Jul 2014

Woolwell, normally I would agree with you, but with the Zeus virus doing the rounds and people in your own locality losing £40,000,it would be best to be extra vigilant.

  Devil Fish 13:51 28 Jul 2014

Good AV Good Firewall and a dollop of common sense thrown in are your best defence against viruses.

Game over Zeus is an email transmitted virus you can take simple steps to protect your self

1) do not open unsolicited email (spam )

2) do not open any email links or attachments

3) even be wary of email from purporting to be from friends containing links or attachments contact them to check they have sent it first

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