Keylogger Avice

  ACOLYTE 11:12 22 Apr 2005

Hi, Having just scanned with MSSpyware it found
an item called NS Keylogger Personal Monitor(keylogger) this was a surprise so on further checking i found it was accociated with spywareblaster unins000.exe,now im not sure weather to delete it or not i have been running spyware blaster for sometime and never had anythin like this before,if i delete it would spywareblaster fail to work or not uninstall,advice please.

  Technotiger 11:17 22 Apr 2005

Hi friend - not familiar with it myself, but you may get some reassurance here -

click here


  ACOLYTE 11:26 22 Apr 2005

Thx,having read the pages in the clickhere i think im going to delete it i cant see it being part of spywareblaster and i know i didnt download such a program so to the bin it goes.
If i have a problem after with spywareblaster i will post another thread,TY.

  Technotiger 11:30 22 Apr 2005

Right - just keep it in your bin for a day or two- see how it goes, then get-rid.


  gudgulf 11:34 22 Apr 2005

Open SpywareBlaster......check that all items are innoculated against.Then Delete the offending item and check with SpywareBlaster again.If all are still innoculated against you have removed a nasty....if you now find 1 item that is not innoculated then MS Antispyware has picked up a killbot from SpywareBlaster.

I too have both programs,but this has not happened to me.The above is the check I use in such circumstances.

  rawprawn 12:35 22 Apr 2005

I came up with the same result after updating and scanning with MS Antispyware, but I had just downloaded a new version of Real Player after a security issue with the earlier version so I suspected that NS Keyloogger was in there. I have deleted NS Keylooger and it has made no difference to Spywareblaster.

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 13:17 22 Apr 2005

what a suprise I also just done a scan with ms anti spy also have the pesky ns key logger to going to remove chears chapse

  rubella 13:48 22 Apr 2005

gudgulf is spot on, I've replicated it twice.

  wee eddie 13:48 22 Apr 2005

This is a common posting, but not specifically to do with NS Keylogger Personal Monitor(keylogger).

When you finally find the suspect file, have a butchers at it's installation date!

Frequently, when one scans with a free version of a new blocker, it finds some such item. The solution is, of course, to buy the software to remove the problem.

Paranoia may be my middle name, but I cannot help but think that some of these, so called problems, arrive with the "Scanning" package.

  ACOLYTE 19:47 22 Apr 2005

Thx all for the help/advice i have quarantined this item so was that the right thing to do? and will spywareblaster still work as it should now or do i need to put it back.Im not sure how to check if things are innoculated.

  ACOLYTE 19:59 22 Apr 2005

Ok,lol i finally worked out what to do(slow i know) i opened spywareblaster and it still says everything is protected,sorry im not so pc literate as i thought.

Thank you all.

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