keyboards to connect to a lap top

  catty 23:41 28 Jul 2003

can you help me i want to connect a full size keyboard to my lap top what type can i use and what connection on my lap top do i need and what is the difference for example from a cordless keyboad and a keyboard for internet use

  DieSse 23:54 28 Jul 2003

The common laptop connection is a PS/2 connector - but not all laptops have them. Check in your manual. Unfortunately they look similar to some other connectors, so a description is not a good idea.

Otherwise you may have to use a USB connection.

A crdless keyboard simply works by wireless. The keyboard itself has no cable - just a transceiver. The other half of the system - another transceiver, plugs into the keyboard connector on the laptop.

An internet keyboard, and/or multimedia keboard has extra keys for internet/multimedia purpose - such as a "connect to web" key, and a "Volume Control" key - usually quite a few of them

A corede keyboard may be either normal, or Internet/multimedia - as may a cordless one.

  jazzypop 23:57 28 Jul 2003

Assuming you have a spare USB port on your laptop, a USB keyboard will be the most convenient. This is because you can plug and unplug it as you wish.

The alternative is a PS/2 keyboard, which (often) must be connected before you turn on the laptop - although this will vary from laptop to laptop.

Most decent keyboards are sold with connectors that will allow you to use either USB or PS/2 ports on your laptop.

An 'Internet' keyboard is not a strictly defined term, but is a marketing term for a keyboard with dedicated buttons for things such as starting up your browser, flicking backwards/forwards through web pages, and perhaps even a scroll wheel.

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