Keyboard went crazy typing and opening programs

  cesaarta 16:12 22 Jun 2017

Hello, yesterday I was working on an after effects Project, using my keyboard as usual, when out of blue it stopped working, the LEDs were still lit, but I couldn't type anything. PC restarted and nothing changed, I've bought a new one, this time an USB type (prévios ONE was a PS/2 conectar). Now is worse, as soon as I plug it it begins to open the calc, Groove Music (Yes, Windows 10), turns off volume, opens MS Edge and start menu, sometimes it turned off the pc. It keeps typing: "'1w15wcs0wwc1w1wc23.112w12w1wc.1wc12a'11w'swcw121s1" among other things. The same happens on The log screen, and I can't get in the BIOS 'cause it won't let me press 'Del'. I assume the problem isn't about the keyboard, and changing the USB port didn't help at all.

Can anyone help me ? I need my PC for work.

My rig:

1"/> typing on on-screen keyboard sucks.

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