Keyboard with USB Hub

  fitshase 08:36 22 Mar 2006

I have just bought a new keyboard which has 2 USB ports (one on either side). The keyboard is USB 1.1 and therefore the USB ports are also USB 1.1. Is there any way to upgrade these to USB 2.0?



  terryf 08:47 22 Mar 2006

I guess Nope is the answer, it is like fitting a 2 inch pipe to the end of a 1 inch hose and expecting more water to flow. This is a serious analogy and not a joke

  fitshase 08:50 22 Mar 2006

I was just wondering if it was the simple case of changing the ports and the cable or would the electronic board in the keyboard also have to be changed?


  terryf 14:41 22 Mar 2006

I f it is phsically possible to change the electronics within the keyboard you could do it assuming that you could find replacement electronics but I think if you want or need extra USB 2 portys you should consider a powered usb 4 port hub from click here

  fitshase 14:56 22 Mar 2006

No problem - I thought it might be an easy fix as it is handy to have the USB ports on the keyboard for a flash memory stick but they are only USB1.1.

I have plenty of USB ports on the computer - I was just hoping this would be an easy one.

I'll tick this as resolved.



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