keyboard types way too many letters

  Benno Trimbacher 17:48 10 May 2018

hi, i am having a really annoying problem with my laptop´s keyboard. whenever i press any key it types out way too many letters. ssssssooooooo iiii ccccccaaannnn ooooooooonnnnnllllyyyyyyy ttttyyyyyyyypppppppeeeee llllllliiiiiikkkkeeee tttttthhhhhhhhiiiiiisss. it´s like, normally when you hold down a key for a second it will keep typing the letter repeatedly, so the longer you press the more letters appear, only my keyboard now does this all the time even with very short button presses. i don´t know what triggered this but i do know that i really need this fixed because it is my laptop´s native keyboard which i cannot replace. i already tried deleting the keyboard's driver but that didn't help. i am not very technologically inclined but i can follow a step by step guide if one of you can provide one. thank you all in advance

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:02 10 May 2018

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