Keyboard stays lit when computer switched off

  Eargasm 12:50 31 Jan 2010

Hi all
Wired PS2 Keyboard Windows 7 64bit when the computer is switched off at night the keyboard stays lit, it's not really a problem but just wondered if anyone knew of a way to get it to go off. Thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:57 31 Jan 2010

Double check the Power Management settings to ensure that all of the functions for any Power On Keyboard/PS2/USB are disabled.

  Eargasm 19:44 31 Jan 2010

Thanks for that Fruit Bat /\0/\
I have tried unticking loads of different options under power options still no joy!

  DieSse 20:13 31 Jan 2010

It's not unusual, and not really a problem. Remember that a regular power-down does not switch off totally - the motherboard still has power on it.

If you pull out the mains, the lights will go off, as that actually removes all power (and BTW is something you MUST do when working inside the system).

  Eargasm 20:13 31 Jan 2010

After spending a couple of hours or so of unticking options and messing with bios settings, I finally ( rather embarrassingly ) stumbled on the solution!!!!

I pressed the "Num Lock" key and off it went, just goes to show i know nowt about computers !!!

  DieSse 20:14 31 Jan 2010

We cross posted - all you've really done is take it out of Num-Lock mode - it doesn't affect the issue of power still being "on".

Still - it gets rid of the light!!

  Eargasm 21:59 07 Feb 2010

Just thought i would add this, although the "Numlock" key was off when closing down it would light up and if not pressed imediately before shutdown then it would stay lit.

I finally found a solution......

Regedit Hkey_Users / Default / Control Panel / Keyboard Then on the right of the screen the entry InitialKeyboardIndicators, setting the value to zero ( "All Locks unset " ) did the trick !

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