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  Newby 13:08 01 Jun 2008

my freind's optical mouse froze the other day and, eventually, he got it going by shutting down everything right back to the mains. It raised the question "How can I move my cursor using the keyboard. I have tried using the Helproom to find out but, whereas there appears to be thousands of keyboard shortcuts I couldn't find one which advised how to use the keyboard to move the cursor. Any ideas? Thank you

  Taff™ 13:26 01 Jun 2008

Good question and one that deserves a better answer than this. It is possible to select items in any screen using just the tab, windows key, Alt key and arrow keys. It takes some learning and the best option is to get the mouse working by doing what your friend did - reboot!

To help you do this remember Alt+F4 key shuts the active window. Use the tab key and enter key when prompted to save work to select Yes/No/Cancel. Use the Windows key to select the start button and then arrow keys to navigate to shut down. (In XP Windows Key + U + U does it)

  Eric10 13:31 01 Jun 2008

The cursor is peculiar to the mouse and isn't controllable with the keyboard. What the keyboard can do is to move the focus from one area of the screen to another using key combinations as indicated by Taff™. Once the required item has the focus, the Enter key simulates the left click or the second windows key simulates the right click.

  Koochy 14:00 01 Jun 2008

A lot of reading and probably more than you require but i have found this thread very useful in the past click here


  lotvic 14:18 01 Jun 2008

If XP: ""Windows keyboard shortcuts overview
Use shortcut keys as an alternative to the mouse when working in Windows. You can open, close, and navigate the Start menu, desktop, menus, dialog boxes, and Web pages using keyboard shortcuts.""

Open Help and Support Center on your pc
Search for, keyboard shortcuts
click on, Windows keyboard shortcuts overview

expand the + in General keyboard shortcuts
print the list for future reference

  Newby 17:56 11 Oct 2008

Thank you all for your help. Sorry it took so long!

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