keyboard replacement part.

  RonJohnson 21:00 24 Jul 2014

Looking for mylar circuit board for Acer Aspire ZS600 keyboard.Spilled coffee and damaged the printed circuit trace.

  wee eddie 21:46 24 Jul 2014

Cheaper to replace the thing

  SparkyJack 21:52 24 Jul 2014

Simplest,remedey also cheapest a USB or wireless standard, if need to use on move switch on screen kB.

Laptop parts are

scarce,they change too quickly.

EBay might be a source

Morgan computers for regular boards

  alanrwood 10:30 25 Jul 2014

It is not a laptop, it is an "all in one" with a separate wireless Keyboard so I guess that a replacement will be a proprietary one and expensive. Can't find one on eBay or Amazon by a quick search so it will probably mean doing a long search yourself or taking the obvious route as suggested above of buying a USB wireless keyboard instead. Around £20 should buy a reasonable one.

Just as a matter of interestm have you tried stroipping it down and trying to repair the damaged track by soldering a thin wire jumper across the damage. So long as the damage is not on the keypad part it should be a relatively easy repair.

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