Keyboard Problems

  Abel 10:35 04 May 2013

For some inexplicable reason certain keys on my desktop machine fail to produce the appropriate letter. In fact I was unable to sent this message from that machine because the missing letters rendered it gobbledegook. Can someone perhaps provide a reason and remedy please.


  northumbria61 10:46 04 May 2013

Check via Control Panel to see if your settings have changed

Region & Language - Location Tab (UK) - Keyboard & Languages Tab - Should be set to English (United Kingdom)

  Abel 11:33 04 May 2013

Thanks northumbria61! No, none of the settings have changed.


  northumbria61 11:40 04 May 2013

Take a look here and go through the instructions enter link description here

  Woolwell 11:43 04 May 2013

I would expect similar problems on a laptop if num lock was on. It may be worthwhile checking on the desktop.

  northumbria61 11:51 04 May 2013

Woolwell - Number Lock doesn't appear to make any difference on a desktop (at least not on mine)

Abel - If there is anything else other than English (United Kingdom) installed under Keyboard & Languages then remove it - click apply - then OK

  onthelimit1 11:55 04 May 2013

If settings are all OK, a new keyboard would probably be the answer - they are very cheap.

  Woolwell 11:56 04 May 2013

Num Lock should not make a difference but we don't know make or brand of keyboard.

  Abel 21:49 04 May 2013

I'm sorry not to have responded to any of the replies from northumbria61, Woolwell and onthelimit1 since 11.40am this-morning, but not one of them was notified to me by the usual e-mail. However, this is not unusual and I've complained about it many times to the Forum Editor. I've been up since 5.15am this-morning and I'm completely shattered, so things will have to wait until tomorrow because I'm now off to bed.


  Ian in Northampton 08:59 05 May 2013

It's not clear to me whether pressing a key generates nothing at all on the screen, or if it produces the wrong character. If the former, I'd think it's definitely a faulty keyboard or keyboard connection. If it is the former, is it consistently the same keys that are 'wrong' - or is it random?

  Abel 09:50 05 May 2013

Thanks for your link northumbria61 but key depressions don't produce any characters on the screen at all, let alone wrong ones. This also answers your query too Ian in Northampton. It's quite strange, the entire bottom row of keys produce nothing on the screen and some others too, including the return key. Because the keyboard is part of a Microsoft combo I was hoping there was perhaps a solution, so I guess I'll have to heed onthelimit's advice and buy a new set.

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