Keyboard Problems

  BBez 19:04 29 Dec 2003

all keyboard input is gibberish or inputting a foreign language since the PC last accessed the internet. Windows 98se and i have checked the language and regional settings, keyboard input, checked config.sys and autoexec.bat files which are setting the keyboard up as British. If i reboot to ms-dos mode, input is still gibberish, also ran a virus scan through it and nothing found...any help greatly appreciated...

  johnnyrocker 19:06 29 Dec 2003

do you have adaware and spy bot?


  LeadingMNMs 19:06 29 Dec 2003

Try installing a new driver.

  BBez 19:15 29 Dec 2003

thanks for the suggestion johnnyrocker, ran spybot through it, still the same...

LeadingMNMs, will give it a shot tomorrow...thanks

  DieSse 20:28 29 Dec 2003

Try a different keyboard - if it's bad in DOS too, it's unlikely to be a software issue.

  DAG88 21:03 29 Dec 2003

i agree with DieSse. Try it on another computer if you want to be certain. Keyboards are quite cheap anyway if u do need a replacment

  BBez 21:34 29 Dec 2003

thanks for the suggestion. My mother reckons it was fine when it was last shutdown then my sister accessed the Internet and it wouldn't input text correctly. Will let you know how i get on tomorrow as i have a spare keyboard lying around...

  BBez 14:00 30 Dec 2003

DieSse, DAG88,

replaced keyboard, working fine again, thanks

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