keyboard probleme

  User-359419E1-4301-4293-B57B323B4A77A8F1 18:48 23 Sep 2003

My computer doesnt respond to the command
(Ctrl+Alt+Del),ive tried to change the keyboard language but didnt solve it.I have Win98 SE compaq internet keyboard,
Any ideas??

  VoG II 19:00 23 Sep 2003


  VoG II 20:57 23 Sep 2003

By e-mail

no it didnt,just pops up the start menu

  Djohn 22:24 23 Sep 2003

I think that's what is supposed to happen, then you can shut down any running programs that you wish to. j.

  VoG II 22:28 23 Sep 2003

No sorry, CTRL+SHIFT+ESC is an alternative to ALT+CTRL+DEL and should bring up Task Manager.

As to why it should open the start menu I don't know. Hence my previous post with no solution.

  Pesala 00:01 24 Sep 2003

I just tried typing "Taskman" into the Run dialogue. Anyone else ever done that?

  Djohn 00:43 24 Sep 2003

Yes, I see what you mean now! I had to re-read the question several times, kept seeing it as Ctrl/Alt/del. sort of word blindness. Think it was the "eye candy thread" that did it. :o(

does anyone know any other commands that do the job?

it seems to me before that the keyboard's buttons
were messed up and jammed so i opend it and checked everything and they were fine,but still doesnt work .
plz plz tell me any alternative way for ctrl+alt+del to brings up the task manager.

  woodchip 20:59 25 Sep 2003

Try this it may work, It's what I did to get a Laptop Keyboard working right. Make sure that the keyboard is set to English British there is or should be a item in the same dialogue for setting to US General without altering the English British Settings. This is as far as I can Remember. In the Control Panel Keyboard Settings
Hope it Helps

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