Keyboard Problem

  swanny2 15:15 02 Jul 2009

Ive got a Advent Keyboard the kinda slimline one,had it over month now no problems.
Today some of the keys wont work like the number 5 and 6 and the - and =
ive used On screen keyboard to type the numbers etc.any ideas please/


  Clapton is God 15:22 02 Jul 2009

Have you checked that there's nothing sticky or solid (like dropped food) under those keys?

  swanny2 15:28 02 Jul 2009

yes mate.

  Clapton is God 16:19 02 Jul 2009

Check that the connection is seated OK. Unplug it and re-seat it.

Re-boot the PC.

If that fails, uninstall and re-install the keyboard driver.

  swanny2 01:10 04 Jul 2009

ive not got the driver now. but i cant see why 4or more keys should work ,

  ztronicsalien 14:14 08 Jul 2009

This happens only when your buttons placement is not correct / or your keyboard driver is not installed properly just check out for the two. If still problem persists then just get it changed.


  Terry Brown 15:51 14 Jul 2009

I had a 'sticky keyboard' a while back, and found the problem was caused by dust(aggravated by tea spilt on the keyboard).

I cured the problem by unplugging the keyboard, standing it upright and spraying it lightly with WD40.

Leave it overnight before plugging in.

The alternative is a new keyboard, mine last on average 12 months, but I am a heavy user.

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