Keyboard Problem

  swanny2 13:36 03 Oct 2006

Hi All
Problem here is im using my old Slooowwwwww Pc .because all of a sudden my ,Keyboard didnt want too work,anymore.On my other 1..
I have tryed 4 different k/boards. ,i saw the light flash on 1 then went off.Stil didnt work.. Yet on 1 when i pressed the Shutdown tab ,it shut down,yet the board will not type,annoying as this pc is only standby. My other pc is running win/xp ,what i use every day. not no more.:O( Please Help if u can ..
tx :O)¬~~~~

  wee eddie 14:33 03 Oct 2006

ps2, USB, Wireless, cant think of other types.

If wireless try replacing the battery or recharging, if USB try using a different socket.

  swanny2 16:05 03 Oct 2006

no not wirelwss i ve tryed 4 1 has a Usb fitting an that works on me usb ports at the back . the 2 on the front of me pc,dont seem too wanna work.
Problem is i need 2 usb..ports at the back ..1 for me Mouse..other for me Internet cooonnection. So i cant have me keyboard on ,as the plug (purple 1 on the back of pc) isnt picking up the keyboard...
annoyin me now as this pc is so slow .
cheers :O)¬~~#

  wee eddie 16:37 03 Oct 2006

so should work. Check the connections.

Have you got the PC's Specifications, it should tell you if the Front USB Ports enabled?

With only 2 working USB ports you are probably better off with a PS2 Mouse & Keyboard.

Or get a powered USB Hub

  swanny2 17:27 03 Oct 2006

its saying no advice found.
i found out that on the purple slot at back the pin ahs snapped off inside it. i tryed the green 1 but wont work . if i put it in a usb on the back its ok .
But as i say i need them ports.

  wee eddie 17:44 03 Oct 2006

Get that pin out and spend £2.50 on a cheap keyboard

  swanny2 09:14 04 Oct 2006

Ican use a usb for me keyboard but i need too use the purple or green slot on the back . will the keybboard work in the green slot?
i went too pc world too get a connection too go into the green sloott for a usb . an they said they dont stoock them no more.. lol
only way i can get 1 of them is when i buy a mouse there might be 1 on there. .
ps- How will i get the pin out m8. its snapped off insside the pppuurrrrrple connection . cheers

  DieSse 16:27 04 Oct 2006

*will the keybboard work in the green slot?*

No - as wee eddie said - it's only for a mouse.

If the keyboard (purple) connection is broken - then you'll have to forget using it.

You'll need an extra USB port (or more) - then you can use a USB keybaord.

There are two ways to get extra ports.

A powered hub - this plugs into a USB port, and has several (typically 4) USB ports - sort of connection expander.

A plug-in card with USB ports on it (typically 4).

  swanny2 23:45 04 Oct 2006

cheers mate i got the connection of a friend The 1 they dont sell in PC world. lol
thats doesnt work in the ,mouse port (via a usb goin into it) as the other purple 1 doesnt work.
ive got 2 usb ports on the front an they wont pick it up either.. doin me head in here now. :(
yet if i put the usb cable of me keyboard in the back port of me pc it works. not the front .. baffled.
ye mate so i gotta go spend a load on a usb hub have i . grr. is it cheaper byin a 2nd hand pc. :O)
ty for the help anyway .

  DieSse 01:34 05 Oct 2006

*so i gotta go spend a load on a usb hub have i*

A hub is around £12 click here

A USB card is around £12 too click here

maybe less if you shop around.

  it_girl 09:09 05 Oct 2006

If nothing is showing up as working on the front usb ports then it sounds like it is not connected internally.Open the pc up (switched off) and trace the cables.
There will be 4 or 5 cables either fitted into a block connector or loose.If it is the block then it easily fits onto the motherboard at USB1 position.If not report back.

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