Keyboard problem

  Jimmy14 17:05 02 Jun 2006

Whenever I type in a title for a forum on here then start typing below and i make a mistake, i press backspace but it deleted my whole post. Anyone know??? Then when I press the back key (left arrow) it takes me back an internet explorer page to the main forum page.

I am using a laptop and xp home edition

  mgmcc 17:18 02 Jun 2006

Only if your entire message is highlighted should pressing the backspace key delete all of it, otherwise it should behave normally and delete characters starting from the last one.

If the "focus" is not in the text editing box, but in the main web page, pressing the Backspace key will take you back one web page. This is normal behaviour - Shift+Backspace will similarly take you forward by one web page, obviously provided there is a further forward page to go to.

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