Keyboard Problem

  The Teacher 22:31 05 Oct 2003

I have recently purchased an "internet" ready keyboard. Before installing I removed reference to my old keyboard.

I have now two problems: the first is when I turn on the PC, the keyboard does not light up, although the PC loads windows etc., normally. I have to turn off, not restart, and on again before the keyboard is recognised. All then works well except for the second problem.

This is that the keyboard locks and I can do no typing or whatever with it. I have not yet had this problem in word, only when typing in fora etc..

This is really peeing me off as I am a qualified typist, 60wpm minimum, and to have keep waiting whilst the keyboard unlocks is frustrating. This problem coincides with the monitor icons lighting up, as though data is being transmitted/recieved, and with some disc activity.

I have run virus checks etc., and oannot find a cause for this.

The keyboard is an Ace-type multimedia and internet keyboard. It uses MS Intellitype Pro software, that is, apparently, built in for immediate use with my OS, Win ME.

I am aware that I could look to update the software but as it is a brand new keyboard I am of the opinion that this is not yet necessary. The settings facility with the keyboard allows you to alter the cursor flash rate, character repeat rate and character delay rate. I have tried these on various settings but still have the same problem.

Many Thanks

  User-312386 22:33 05 Oct 2003

i would update the software as the keyboard could have sitting on the shelf at the store for 4 months and a bug may have been found by the manufacturer and been fixed

try updating software 1st then come back here

  woodchip 22:37 05 Oct 2003

What reference did you remove. As there is only one place you should remove it from , and that is the Device Manager. you should then switch of the computer and connect the new keyboard and restart and load the software for it, if it's a USB keyboard you should load software and drivers from the CD that you got with the keyboard and not let Windows load any drivers

  The Teacher 22:52 05 Oct 2003

I used device manager. The keyboard is not USB, it was a case of pulling the plug of the old keyboard and then plugging in the new one at the back of the PC.

The software for the keyboard came on a floppy which was checked before it was used.

I have been to MS, downloaded the software and then get the message that "the installation cannot continue as this software version is not supported for this version of Windows"

As I specifically requested ME as my OS I cannot see why a download supplied by MS will not then work!

  woodchip 23:01 05 Oct 2003

You should only run the floppy software not MS

  woodchip 23:03 05 Oct 2003

On the floppy there should be a setup or install file to double click on in Explorer

  The Teacher 23:16 05 Oct 2003

Done that, and the keyboard genrally works fine except for posted above.

  The Teacher 22:13 11 Oct 2003

I seem to have solved the problem of the keyboard not typing; I put it down to installing Steganos Security Suite 4. I had no problems before, and I haven't had any since I removed it.

However the problem that does remain is the fact that I still have to switch on and off before the keyboard is recognised. I removed reference to the old keyboard via device manager but each time I switch back on the reference is still there, although the resources etc., are listed for the new keyboard. A message in properties for the old keyboard says that no resources can be found for the keyboard.

If I have removed it once and there are no resources being used by the old keyboard, why is it still listed?

  Djohn 22:26 11 Oct 2003

Have you had a look in add/remove programs for any reference to the old keyboard, hardware, or software? j.

  woodchip 23:12 11 Oct 2003

Have a look in in the C:\Windows\inf\other folder for an inf file that is for the old keyboard and remove it or rename from inf to old

  The Teacher 21:30 15 Oct 2003

Done that, only the new keyboard shows up.

I have been informed, however, that as the old keyboard came with the OS pre-installed, i.e. OEM, the old keyboard cannot be removed unless I dig deep in the registry, (I don't know enough to do that) or to re-install windows with the new keyboard attached.

I am not re-installing as it was only done recently, when BB was installed.

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