Keyboard not working at all

  PC_HelpMe 18:40 11 Nov 2016

Hello all,

My keyboard has stopped working. When I switch my pc on all 3 of the number, caps and scroll lock lights on the keyboard flash on and go off straight away, they then flash on and off once again a few seconds later as the computer is booting up but they then go off and stay off. It does have a moon button, a sunshine button and a power icon(?) button but if I've inadvertently pressed one of them I can't seem to get it switched back on.

It doesn't appear to be showing in my device manager at all - there isn't a keyboard tab?

My computer does have the option of being a touch screen but I've never used it as a touch screen. Any ideas what could be wrong with the keyboard?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:11 11 Nov 2016

What kind of keyboard?

USB wired or wireless?

windows 10?

  PC_HelpMe 19:30 11 Nov 2016

It is an old wired keyboard from an older of that I had which worked on vista. I've had it on this newer pc (working on windows 7) for a few years.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:35 11 Nov 2016

USB or PS2?

It may be under Human Interface Devices in device manager

  PC_HelpMe 19:47 11 Nov 2016

It's got a purple connection at the end of the cable which goes into a purple keyboard socket on the back.

I have dug out a wireless one now which works so maybe will just keep the wireless one on (but I do like to find out whether devices can be fixed or if they're utterly caput).

I will still check under human interfaces to see if it's disappeared entirely from my device manager.

  PC_HelpMe 20:04 11 Nov 2016

Yes I think I'll just disconnect it and get rid rather than waste time on it any more - it's certainly old.

Thanks for all your help and advice everyone.

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