Keyboard Mystery

  cje1 19:19 06 Mar 2004

Can anyone explain why the following happend. Without warning my PC tower started emitting a loud bleeping noise, the cursor froze and nothing could be done with the computer. Turned it off and on and got part way through booting up when it froze again saying a file was corrupted or missing and to reload it. Couldn't get the reload disk to work as the screen kept freezing up and no keys would wotk. In short I disconnected the keyboard, restarted it,connected an old keyboard. Everything is now ok. Any ideas out there.

  Indigo 1 19:43 06 Mar 2004

You have'nt spilt anything over the keyboard recently have you ?

You know things like fizzy drinks or honey, they can collect dust particles and stuff inside your keyboard and cause the keys to stick.

  johnnyrocker 19:44 06 Mar 2004

short circuit/stuck keys in keyboard?


  cje1 19:50 06 Mar 2004

I'm not aware of anything being spilt over it, I had been using it for a couple of hours prior to the fault occuring, then without warning is started 'bleeping'. I contatced Time computers, spent a premium rate fortune speaking to them and then found the fault myself. They are sending out a replacement.

  cje1 19:53 06 Mar 2004

I obviously didn't realise something as 'simple' as a keyboard would cause so much hassle.

  johnnyrocker 20:09 06 Mar 2004

depends what outputs it is short circuiting,


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