Keyboard and mouse off when computer starts

  thundergunexpress 12:03 17 Jan 2017

Hi so i had to set up some computers at my university on some height adjustable desks and im having a problem where the keyboard and mouse are off when ever i start the computers.

So heres the set up. I have the height adjustable desk and a computer under the desk. The mouse and keyboard are on the desk. The mouse and keyboard are connected to a multiusb adaptor. The Multi usb adaptor is connected to a usb extension cord which plugs into the computer under the desk.

I turn the computer on and the keyboard and mouse are not detected.

I have to unplug the usb chord from the computer and plug it back in for the mouse and keyboard to work.

Is there a way to change this so i dont have to keep unplugging and re plugging them?

  Jollyjohn 12:54 17 Jan 2017

Are the mouse and keyboard detected if plugged directly into PC? If so then there is an issue with the the Multi USB adapter. You may need to extend the keyboard and mouse leads individually instead of through the adapter

  difarn 13:05 17 Jan 2017

Are the USB Controllers enabled in bios?

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