Keyboard and mouse not working.

  Trixflip 13:50 26 Feb 2018

I was playing a game when suddenly my pc crashed. After the reboot my keyboard en mouse stopped working.

My mouse and keyboard however do work in BIOS en they both give a light when I start the pc.

So far I have tried : - rebooting the pc - tried all My usb ports - booting in safemode (My keyboard and mouse dont work in safemode) - And changing usb settings.

I also looked at My Motherboard and all seems fine. However I am not a computer expert. Any help would me much apprreciated :)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:40 26 Feb 2018

What type of keyboard and mouse ?

Wired USB wireless from a dongle in a USB port?

  MJS WARLORD 18:47 26 Feb 2018

type device manager into your search box , look if their is a yellow triangle next to the keyboard and mouse entry , if their is , right click and choose uninstall driver , now restart pc and windows will give you a generic driver..... do you use driver software for mouse and keyboard , lots of them work just as plug and play items.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:53 26 Feb 2018

MJS WARLORD type, right click - bit difficult when mice and keyboard not working :0)

  MJS WARLORD 21:37 26 Feb 2018

hey fruitbat I slap myself in face I missed the obvious didn't i

  mole44 07:49 27 Feb 2018

Press Left Alt+Left Shift+Num Lock on your keyboard at the same time to get a dialog box similar to the example shown below. Windows Mouse Keys

When the window appears, press Spacebar or Enter to say Yes. Repeat this process to turn Mouse Keys off.

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