Keyboard and mouse to both laptop and desktop

  philip may 23:18 21 Aug 2018


I want to plug my keyboard and mouse into my laptop without having to disconnect from my desktop. Would a USB female to double male work?


  Taff™ 09:43 22 Aug 2018

You need what is known as a KVM switch (Keyboard/Video/Mouse)which you can get online from Amazon for example for under £20.

I doubt the use of a USB splitter would work because the actions would be sent to both machines and I presume you want to use them independently.Personally I have a closed lid laptop to my main 24" Monitor connected by VGA cable and wireless Keyboard & Mouse - easily moved out of the way. Then a small keyboard and mouse to my tower connected by HDMI cable to the same monitor - I just switch the monitor inputs between HDMI and VGA knowing that if required the laptop screen can be opened and seen at the same time.

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