Keyboard letters slipping

  hecate 15:31 11 Jul 2004

HI. Can anyone help? I recently upgraded my comp.New MOBO, HD, Graphics card.Everything worked fine for a while,but suddenly keyboard started mixing up letters ie,When I press "@" I get"'".This means I can't use email. I've tried clearing any debris from keyboard, removing and re -connecting same but no joy.Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Bardolf. Windows Millenium , MOBO Asus A7N8X-X, HD Maxtor 80 GB,

  THE TERMINATOR 15:39 11 Jul 2004

Goto regional and language options in control panel, click on details and make sure the keyboard is set for English(UK)....TT

  hecate 16:15 14 Jul 2004

The Terminater. Many thanks for your advice,keyboard now works fine.Hecate

  THE TERMINATOR 22:42 15 Jul 2004

No problem, anything to help....TT

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