Keyboard letters are scrambled up/joined together

  thedarkhorse89 19:23 16 Oct 2018

Hi everyone.

There's something wrong with my keyboard.

My letters are coming out scrambled or joined up - e.g. "o is lo" and "p is p-" and "l is lo". U makes a beeping sound.

I've tried uninstalling keyboard. Keyboard is set to English. I've tried FN and NumLock. What do you think, perhaps a malware thing?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated?

  thedarkhorse89 19:29 16 Oct 2018

Oh and computer is Toshiba. Windows 8.1.

And the problem fairly recent.

  alanrwood 19:35 16 Oct 2018

Try another keyboard as it could be a defect in the circuitry.

  lotvic 22:29 16 Oct 2018

Could be debris, crumbs etc. Unplug keyboard. Turn keyboard upside down and gently tap and shake also use a clean paintbrush or similar to help dislodge any debris stuck between and under keys.

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