Keyboard keys failing to repeat when held down

  Nosmas 23:46 17 Apr 2003

I am running W98 and Office 97 and have just suffered a repetition of the above problem i.e. when any key on the keyboard is held down it fails to repeat the character.

This happened to me a some weeks ago and I thought I had found the solution (but not the reason why it happened)see my post at click here I have enabled the BIOS Typematic Rate Setting and rebooted but this time it had no effect. I have again disabled that setting and rebooted but again with no effect on the problem. Also changing the rate settings on Control Panel / Keyboard doesn't change anything.

Could this possibly be a Registry setting that has somehoe become corrupted and needs to be re-set? All suggestions gratefully received.

  short-circuit 23:58 17 Apr 2003

I think you may have accidentally activated the Filter keys. Go to Control Panel and Accessibility options.

On the Keyboard tab, see if there is a tick in the Filter keys checkbox. Click there again to remove it. Click on Apply and check to see if the problem has gone.

I am sure there is a short cut to activate this because I have accidentally activated it myself in the past, but I don't know how.

If this doesn't cure it, post again.


  Nosmas 22:08 18 Apr 2003

Thanks for the suggestion. When I looked, the Filter Keys checkbox was unchecked. As an experiment I checked the box then Apply and found that in this did give me some repetition when the keys were held down, but not as fast as normal. The adjustments to the Repeat Delay and Repeat Rate can only make these settings SLOWER. However a slow repeat is better than none at all so I have left it set pending funding a solution to the problem.

Apparently the Filter Keys setting is to assist users with a disability. Having set it, a message appears whenever one reboots asking if the Filter Keys is required - if it is click OK, but if not click Cancel. The Cancel button is only operative until the next reboot when the message again appears. In other words the feature remains available even after selecting Cancel.

Please does anyone have any further ideas for overcoming this annoying problem and allowing me to have a "normal" repeat facility. Again I ask could it be a corrupted Registry setting?

  Nosmas 14:08 19 Apr 2003

Still looking for a solution - any offers?

  Big Elf 14:16 19 Apr 2003

I've just used regedit on my system and found a few instances of AutoRepeatDelay and AutoRepeatRate with a value data of 1000 in the first and 500 in the second. It looks as though there is a setting for each user.

  woodchip 14:23 19 Apr 2003

Try running SFC from start/Run box just type SFC to look for corrupt files

  Nosmas 17:22 20 Apr 2003

Big Elf

Using Regedit and looking at these values (both 300) on my system, I have come to the conclusion that they are the times in milliseconds for the Filter Keys facility offered by Accessibility.


Tried your suggestion but although it reported various files had been changed or deleted, there was no mention of any file actually being corrupted.

PLEASE PLEASE are there any other suggestions?

  Nosmas 11:26 21 Apr 2003

Still hoping someone knows the answer!!

  flecc 11:49 21 Apr 2003

Thanks for the email.

I know of no registry setting for this, only the variation values that you've already discovered which appear to act as over-rides.

There are some possibilities that I can suggest. The Keybd files in the Windows\Command folder are just used for setup purposes and won't be relevant, repeat works even when those are deleted. That leaves the Keyboard.inf and Keyboard.pnf files in the Windows INF folder which are very unlikely to be corrupted, and then the prime suspect, the Keyboard.drv file in the Windows\System folder.

You could extract a copy from the on your Windows CD and try replacing it. It may be necessary to do that from a command line. If that doesn't work, replacing the INF file instead might work, although as said, that's unlikely.

  flecc 11:52 21 Apr 2003

The electro mechanical aspects shouldn't be overlooked either. Try unplugging and replugging the keyboard connector several times in case of a poor connection.

  Nosmas 18:51 22 Apr 2003

You're a marvel! Your Prime Suspect was indeed the guilty party (I'm sure your name must be Helen Mirren!!!). Seriously though - thank you very much for your help. I eventually found the original file Keyboard.drv in Win98_40.CAB on the D drive and copied it to the C drive. Initially I couldn't rename the file in Windows/System folder as it was "being used by Windows", but managed to swap over the files after re-booting in DOS. Now repeat works as it should so the driver file must have been corrupted even though it was not reported as such when I ran SFC

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