Keyboard keys bound to scroll lock

  ajz666 15:03 16 Sep 2014

Hey, First off, thanks for reading. I have a bit of a bizarre problem. After turning on my laptop (Windows 7, 64bit), it seems that the keys C,X and B have bound themselves to Scroll lock, and i have no idea why. I've delved into the setting and have no idea what to do next, nothing seems to work. Can any of you help? Thanks

  northumbria61 16:03 16 Sep 2014

Take a look at 3 Ways to Fix a Keyboard

  ajz666 16:09 16 Sep 2014

Thanks i shall have a look now

  QuizMan 16:15 16 Sep 2014

This is probably due to an accidental use of the function (Fn) key on the keyboard. On my laptop holding down the Fn key and tapping on F12 activates the scroll lock. No two laptops are the same so it may not be F12 in your case. Hopefully the F keys are labelled up.

  lotvic 16:21 16 Sep 2014

"keys C,X and B have bound themselves to Scroll lock"

I would like to help but I haven't a clue what you mean by that.

  ajz666 16:32 16 Sep 2014

Ive tried the deactivating the FN keys, changed drivers, everything. The night before it went wrong, it was all ok. The next day i boot it up, when pressing the letter X, C or B activates the scroll lock instead of the letters. When using the virtual keyboard, you can see the scroll lock key being pressed when pressing the other letters. Its all a bit odd.

  lotvic 17:24 16 Sep 2014

I would try doing a system restore back to the date when it was okay.

or you could try a google search for 'remap keyboard keys'

  QuizMan 17:46 16 Sep 2014

It all seems very odd. Have you checked to see if you can system restore the laptop to the day before it all went wrong?

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