Keyboard kerfuffle - stuck keys?

  [DELETED] 11:34 03 Jan 2006

Hi all,

My son recently spilt orange drink over his keyboard [bless!] but fortunately I had a spare. I spent all last night removing, cleaning the 'board and replacing each key. When I started, the 'W' & 'S' keys would not work in Office and, although I have fixed this, I now have the problem that pressing 'X' alone closes the window, 'S' alone launches search and pressing 'Delete' alone brings up the Task Manager. His keyboard is one of those "multi-function keys" office types and, although its loss is not too much of a problem as I had that replacement, I would like to save it if at all possible for any future emergencies!

I have tried the keyborad on 2 different PCs [the one that it was originally working on and mine] in case of keyboard shortcuts or driver issues but with the same effect.

Any ideas - or it it time to bin it?

Many thanks,


  spuds 11:40 03 Jan 2006

Personally I would bin it. Ebuyer have a very good selection at some very low prices,including multi-functions.

  [DELETED] 11:45 03 Jan 2006

Agreed - at those prices it's not worth wasting my time anymore.

Thanks & ticked,


  [DELETED] 11:46 03 Jan 2006

Orange juice is ver acidic - and thus corrosive - very probably the keyboard s damaged beyond repair.

If you really want to try it (nothing ventured, nothing gained)

Immerse it for 15mins or so in a bath of tepid water, swishing the keyboard about a few times.

Turn it upside down to drain for an hour or so.

Put it into a warm airing cupboard overnight.

Try it again.

No responsibilty accepted - unless it works of course ;-)))

  [DELETED] 11:52 03 Jan 2006

Like your style - "nothing ventured, nothing gained"

I'll do that anyhow as well as explaining to the son that he needs to pay me back for this:

click here

At least next time he'll be more careful! Can't wait to see the wife's face when she sees the keyboard having a bath - lol

Will post back on how I get on.



  [DELETED] 08:49 06 Jan 2006

No - didn't work but thanks for the suggestion. I guess that the orange must have corroded the contacts.

Never mind, new keyboard due to me soon :p)



  Diemmess 09:58 06 Jan 2006

Depends on the physical assembly....
Take it apart...on a 'good one' of mine, I was able to remove the keyboard top with the keys rattling about as one unit. These could be scrubbed clean without fear of damage

The fancy bits below seemed to be a series of mylar sheets which retained moisture between them for ages after they should have been dry.
By careful separation allowing each lamination to dry, when re-assembled it was and is still fine.

  spuds 20:04 06 Jan 2006

Cleaning keyboards click here

  [DELETED] 03:08 07 Jan 2006

Thanks to spuds & other contributors, as well as Shortstop for posting this.

No idea what my sons/wife might have spilt (no one is owning up :-) but I have a few keys on the extreme left getting stuck; Tab, Caps Lock & Shift.

Probably not as drastic as Shortstop's situation as the keyboard still works.

  Diemmess 12:19 07 Jan 2006

Your latest suggests something syrupy?
Some keyboards have the individual keys clipped on to it over a plastic (spring loaded boss)

It is possible with these keyboards to lift them off with something slim and hooked under opposite sides of any key.
Whatever you use needs to be slim and stiff, perhaps cut from a drinks can. It takes a determined pull on both sides at once, but if you do succeed, you can wash the keys and sponge away the grunge below with a moist cotton bud.

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